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The difference between horsepower and torque

buying a new pickup truck torque vs horsepower

Manufacturers love to brag about numbers when they sell trucks — the pounds they can haul, the fuel efficiency of their engines and their tow ratings for pulling a trailer. For every company, though, the two most important numbers seem to be horsepower and torque. Every brand wants bragging rights for having the highest horsepower or the greatest amount of torque, even though many buyers may not know the difference between the two. Read More »

Storage innovations

buying a new pickup truck under seat storage

Trucks have always been about getting the job done, but today's trucks have a lot more places to store cargo than the bed alone. Here's a look at three innovations for storage. Read More »

A Great Time to Buy a New Car

Now is a great time to buy a new car

Historically speaking, there may never have been a better time to purchase a new car than right now. Not only are cars more advanced than ever before -- with new technologies and reliable, fuel-saving drivetrains that can save drivers money -- but they're also available during a "perfect storm" of financial conditions that make it a great time to consider purchasing a new vehicle. Read More »

New Cars Get a Boost

car buying in 2013 turbo truck

In the 1980s, one word symbolized automotive power and excess: turbo. Turbochargers were fitted to everything from Porsches to Nissans to Mercedes-Benz diesel sedans in the '80s to boost their power output. It's a terrific idea, using a car's exhaust gasses to power a turbine that forces more air into the engine, which can dramatically increase the horsepower. Read More »

High-End Hybrids

new car buying in 2013 high end highbrids

When you think of a hybrid car, you probably imagine a small, hyper-efficient car like the Toyota Prius or Honda Insight. The biggest growth in hybrid cars for 2013, though, is actually coming from much bigger, more powerful cars that use far more gas than the Prius or Insight do. Read More »

Time to Shift Gears

new car buying in 2013 luxury hyrids

Until recently, the most common transmission on new vehicles was the four-speed automatic with overdrive, and all you needed to know about an engine's efficiency was counting the cylinders it had. Many new cars for 2013, though, are getting enhancements that help them achieve better gas mileage. Thanks to new government rules that are forcing cars to be more efficient, along with more consumers wanting fuel-sipping cars and trucks, automakers are increasingly applying their engineering talent to a new goal: squeezing the most mileage from every drop of gas. Read More »

Connectivity for All

new car buying in 2013 connectivity

Smart phones and tablet computers mean there is no such thing as an offline life today. People are always connected. The same thing applies to new vehicles, too, as many 2013 models are rolling out new connectivity features that let you use your phone or other devices to stay informed and entertained while on the go. Read More »

A Better View

car buying in 2013 backup cameras.

SUVs, crossover vehicles and minivans have long been the most popular types of cars for families. They offer plenty of space, but they have an inherent problem: it's not always easy to back up in a vehicle that big. Read More »

Right Turn Ahead

new car buying in 2013 navigation gps systems

It was a common scene from many a childhood road trip: mom and dad struggling with folding and unfolding a giant map to figure out where they're going. Those bulky paper maps have all but disappeared now that navigation systems are becoming the norm in new cars. Read More »

#1 Affordable Auto Financing


There was a time when new cars were hard to afford. Just a couple of years ago, during the so-called credit crisis, banks tightened their lending standards and made it more difficult for anyone to get financing for a vehicle. Well, the credit faucets are flowing once again, and lenders are lining up to offer buyers the chance to purchase a new car — often on very favorable terms. Read More »