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Test Drive Evaluation Form

Use the checklist to rate each car right after you complete your test drive. Also don’t forget to jot down any notes that will clarify an item or provide additional information to help you make an informed choice. Then compare the ratings on this checklist and your notes to see which car comes out tops on your list.



Make and Model:

Preliminary Inspection Good Fair Poor
Front & rear headroom      
Front & rear legroom      
Shoulder/arm room & comfort      
Position: steering wheel & pedals      
General overall comfort (seats)      
Visibility: front, sides, rear      
ease of operation (visibility/logical)
configuration, space & liftover
Safety features:
locking options, alarm
Catch factor: nails, clothes      
Driving Impressions Good Fair Poor
Engine response      
Clutch operation      
Transmission operation      
Steering response      
Ride quality      
Handling response      
Evasive maneuver response      
Brakes: feel & stopping ability      
Brake response: panic stop      
Overall interior sound level      
Engine noise level