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2007 Kia Sportage Compact Sport Utility Vehicle

The 2007 Kia Sportage looks good, but the real treat is on the window sticker. It comes with a lot of standard equipment for a low price. Build quality is surprisingly good in the Kia Sportage. Panels like up precisely, and the interior materials feel like they’re designed to last. Read More »

2006 BMW X3 Compact Sport Utility Vehicle

A taut, athletic body draws attention to BMW's signature double-kidney-bean grille on the X3. This may look like an ordinary SUV, but it drives surprisingly similar to BMW's awesome sports sedans. Beautiful wood trim and soft leather are nice touches in the BMW X3, but fit and finish don't seem to be as outstanding as the rest of the vehicle. BMW could take a lesson from Lexus and Audi. Read More »

2006 Toyota RAV4 Compact Sport Utility Vehicle

Toyota's all-new RAV4 has a body that looks better than before. Gone are the funky pieces of plastic cladding, replaced by simple curves and a more finished look. Interior quality has never been a problem in theRAV4, and that's still the case today. It has a comfortable, well-thought-out, good-looking interior that's significantly bigger than the model it replaces. With an optional third-row seat, it holds up to seven people. Read More »