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2006 Scion xB Compact Minivan

Toyota might as well have called the Scion xB the "box." Or, rather, the "ugly box." The 2006 model has changed little since last year "” meaning it still looks a little too funky for most drivers. Read More »

2005 Scion xB Compact Economy Wagon

Like it or not, the Scion xB's styling gives it an enormous amount of interior space. Compared to most other cars in its price range, the back seat of an xB feels like a Lincoln Town Car. A central instrument pod is unusual -- no surprise in a car that looks so weird -- but it actually makes a lot of sense. The driver's eyes don't have to stray far from the road to see the speedometer. Read More »

2005 Scion xB Compact Minivan

xB looks like a box on wheels as contemporary homage to a panel van but in slammed stance. Built on a platform used for the bB wagon sold strictly in Japan, this low-slung and boxy panel van resembles a cool California surfer's custom-crafted wagon.

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2005 Toyota Scion tC Compact Hatchback Coupe

The tC is a stylish two-door coupe with a glass lid and add-on gear to fashion a customized car. This slick car resembles a slinky coupe although there's a gate on the tail so it brings the versatility of a hatchback. It has a monochromatic face as flanks go flat but fenders emphasize wheel arches with sculptured rims.

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2005 Toyota Scion xA Compact Wagon/Sedan

Scion xA is an eensy-weensy four-door with big glass up front and the tail squared for a hatchback door. Despite tiny proportions for a boxy four-door with hatchback-style back door, the xA looks progressive, even daring. It stands tall like a cubist bubble on wheels which seems to tip forward due to the high tail and low nose united by the arching roof line. Inside, the cabin floor dips low so you can step aboard easily, and the ceiling bows high to fit tall chair-like seats.

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2004 Scion XA Sub-Compact Sedan

Sci-what? Scion, it's one of the newest manufacturers to hit the car dealerships lots. It's so new in fact, that sales are currently confined to California - they're slated to begin in the other 49 states throughout 2004. Read More »