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2008 Pontiac G8 GT Midsize Sedan

Pontiac G8 GT – exterior. 2008 Pontiac G8 GT Mid-Size Sedan – enlarge What was tested? 2008 Pontiac G8 GT ($29,310). Options: Premium package ($1,250). Price as tested: $30,560. There was a time when Pontiac’s lineup was mainly comprised of rebadged Chevys with a bit of extra plastic glued around the chin. Aside from occasional thrillers like the GTO and ... Read More »

2008 Pontiac Torrent GXP Compact Sport Utility Vehicle

That zero-to-60 time may seem like an eternity for a sports car, but for a big, SUV-like vehicle it’s actually quite impressive. Pontiac Torrent GXP (2008) – enlarge What Was Tested: 2008 Pontiac Torrent GXP ($29,995). Price as tested: $29,995 Pontiac has spent decades telling us its cars are about excitement. That makes sense when you think about all the ... Read More »

2009 Pontiac Vibe GT Compact Station Wagon

Overall, I think the Vibe is a good car, especially for the price. Pontiac Vibe (2009) – enlarge What was tested? Pontiac Vibe GT ($19,895). Options: None. Price as tested: $19,895. Pros: It’s priced like an economy car but has the versatility, style and headroom of a crossover SUV. Cons: It’s not exciting, and Toyota’s version, called the Matrix, might ... Read More »

2007 Pontiac G6 GT Mid-Size Convertible and Sedan

Pontiac's G6 convertible looks beautiful and performs well, a far cry from the brand's days as a home for gussied-up Chevys. It adds some much-needed excitement in the Pontiac lineup. Inside, the G6 has a mid-size cabin that's comfortable and higher quality than GM has produced in recent years. Read More »

2006 Pontiac Solstice Convertible Sports Car

New Car Review of the 2006 Pontiac Solstice Convertible Sports Car Base MSRP: $19,915 Base Invoice: $18,820 MSRP As Tested: $25,000 Versions: Base, GXP (for 2007). Vehicle Category: Convertible Sports Car Engine Location: Front Engine Drive Wheels: Rear-Wheel Drive. Standard Engine: 2.4-liter, Dual Overhead Cam, 16-valves, I-4,177 – horsepower at 6600 rpm and 155 lb-ft torque at 4800 rpm. Transmission: ... Read More »

2006 Pontiac Solstice Convertible Sports Car

The stunning Solstice convertible adds some much-needed excitement to Pontiac's lineup. Unfortunately, the Solstice is more exciting to look at than it is to drive. One of the Solstice's bright spots is its two-seat cabin layout. It's comfortable for a tiny sports car, and its driver-focused cockpit keeps most controls within easy reach. The seat backs can be hard to adjust, though. Read More »

2006 Pontiac Montana SV6 Full-Size Minivan

Pontiac's crossover sport van (CSV) adopts the Montana minivan moniker with a tag of SV6 to denote the standard V6 engine aboard. Wheelbase of the SV6 stretches long and the cabin has a capacity for seven riders plus cargo. Read More »