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Car reviews a great way to get a good idea about what is right, or wrong, with a new car. New Car Buying Guide car reviews contain a great deal of information about how a car handles, what it feels like to drive or ride in, the features it comes with and the options you can add on, the quality of the vehicle and the pros and cons. All this information is important during the car shopping process.

New Car Buying Guidecar reviews can help you make a vehicle purchase decision or provide you with alternatives to the car you want. That means you’ll be able to do car comparisons to see which car offers the best value. Car reviews are also useful to people buying used cars as they tell you what you should expect to find in any car or truck you are considering. When reading car reviews, make sure to click on the various tabs that surround the reviews as there you will find car and truck ratings and specifications.

New Car Buying Guide reviews luxury, standard and economy autos, pickup trucks, sport utility vehicles (SUV), crossovers (CUV), minivans, wagons, vans and sports cars.

2005 Cadillac STS Mid-Size Luxury Sedan

Cadillac's new STS flagship is clearly inspired by the CTS. It has the same fresh, modern lines of the smaller Caddy, but it's toned down slightly to give it a more refined, elegant look. Soft leather and real wood are what you expect to find in a top-of-the-line Cadillac, and the STS is no exception. It feels solidly constructed and has a brilliant dash layout that avoids unnecessary clutter with buttons and switches. Read More »

2005 GMC Envoy Denali Full-Size Sport Utility Pickup Truck

The GMC Envoy Denali is the latest addition to the wide-ranging Envoy lineup. It offers more luxurious features and a quieter cabin to give it the Cadillac treatment with a GMC badge. Good interior materials and construction make the Envoy feel upscale, especially in the Denali models, shown here. Read More »

2005 Ford F-150 Harley Edition Full-Size Pickup

With Harley logos peppered all over the body and cabin of this truck, there's no mistaking which brand is responsible for the style. The sheer number of logos may be overkill, though, like in those movies where the lead character drinks from a Pepsi can three dozen times. Read More »

2005 Acura MDX Mid-Size SUV

Outside, the Acura MDX looks like many other SUVs, with a clean, aggressive body wrapped around a big, boxy cargo area. Its refinement and quality beneath the surface are what really set it apart, though. After updating the MDX's body style in 2004, Acura turned its attention to the interior this year, where several new features are offered as standard equipment. Read More »

2005 Kia Sportage Compact Sport Utility Vehicle

For lead in box: Unlike many inexpensive SUVs, Kia's all-new Sportage doesn't resort to cheap styling gimmicks like plastic body panels and funky angles. It has a clean, simple shape that mimics high-end SUVs like the Acura MDX and Lexus RX series. Read More »

2005 Acura RSX Compact Coupe

A new body on the Acura RSX gives the car's sporty wedge shape a slightly more aggressive style. Most people would find it hard to tell the difference between 2004 and 2005 models, but a lot of little changes add up to a big improvement this year. Read More »

2005 Audi A4 Compact Sports Sedan

Audi has had a long, and somewhat checkered, history selling cars in the U.S. despite the beauty of their designs, wonderful sporty ride and handling, and magnificent interiors. It was in fact the predecessor of the new 2005 model, the 1995 Audi A4, that brought the company back from near extinction in the U.S. Read More »