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2004 BMW 5 Series Mid-Size Luxury Sports Sedan

One of the toughest career challenges faced by automotive designers and engineers is the redesign of an industry-leading product. Not only do they have the pressure of evolving the technology, but they must make the design such that it appeals to both car buyers new to the brand, and those already loyal to it. It has to be better than its predecessor while still adhering to the brand legacy. It is a tall order. BMW's staff was faced with just this dilemma with the re-creation of 5 series sedan. Read More »

2003 BMW X5 4.6i Full-Size Sport Utility Vehicle

You say that big V8 pumping the power of almost 300 horses simply isn't enough to propel a sport-utility wagon to lightning-quick speeds, so you actually want more? You want more thrust, more torque muscle and more neck-snapping, pin-your-shoulders-to-the-seat acceleration? Well, the Bavarian engine designers from Germany's Bayerische Motoren Werke -- which in the American market is recognized by the three initials of BMW -- have concocted a powerful solution for those among us who desire to drive a luxury-lined wagon that acts like one of the swiftest vehicles on the planet. Read More »

2003 BMW 3 and 5 M Series High Performance Sedan, Coupes and Convertibles

A line of ultra performance cars from BMW continues with the M5 and M3 coupe and convertible. Nomenclature for the series uses the alphabetical designation of M, as in muscle. The number 5 signifies BMW’s mid-size 5-Series car based on the 540i sedan, and a 3 represents a 3-Series coupe and convertible out of the 330Ci. M5 stocks a 5.0-liter ... Read More »

2003 BMW 3 Series Sports Sedan, Coupe, Convertible and Wagon

The majority of all cars sold with a BMW badge come from the 3-Series class of compacts. These vehicles — in designs of a four-door sedan, five-door station wagon and two-door coupe or convertible — set a high standard for performance, handling and agility. Model nomenclature amounts to alphanumeric designations to describe the body style and displacement of an engine. ... Read More »

2003 BMW 7 Series Large Luxury High Performance Sedan

The full-size luxury/performance sedans of BMW for 2003 expand to include a new flagship version toting a 12-cylinder engine. Tagged as the 760Li, the elite BMW carries a new 6.0-liter aluminum V12 engine that develops 408 hp. The V12 features BMW’s Valvetronic system plus fully variable bi-VANOS camshaft controls. The 745i edition and stretched-wheelbase 745Li draw from BMW’s 4.4-liter V8 ... Read More »

2003 BMW X5 Luxury Sport Utility Vehicle, SUV

The X5 is what happens when BMW’s performance-oriented designers direct their attention to a sport-utility wagon. It looks remarkably like one of BMW’s big sports sedans, only jacked in height and with the backpack of a wagon’s cargo compartment. An engine fits in front of the four-door cabin that holds two rows of seats for five and the cargo bay ... Read More »

2003 BMW 5 Series Mid-Size Luxury High Performance Sedan and Sport Wagon

Three sport sedans and a sport touring wagon comprise BMW’s mid-size cars for 2003. Sedans vary with the size and type of engine applied. In-line six-cylinder powertrains from the 3-Series drop into two of the 5-Series models — the 2.5-liter six for 525i and 3.0-liter version for 530i. Top 540i sedan and 540i wagon carry the 4.4-liter V8 that runs ... Read More »

2003 BMW Z4 Roadster Sports Car

BMW’s two-seat roadster, produced at a BMW plant in South Carolina, transforms for 2003 into an upgraded second-generation design featuring a racy exterior, larger engines and more equipment aboard. Even the name grows — from Z3 to Z4. The package size expands due to a longer wheelbase and broader track which forge a larger vehicle with more room in the ... Read More »