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2004 BMW 5-Series Mid-Size Luxury Sports Sedan

New Car Profile of the 2004 BMW 5-Series Mid-Size Luxury Sports Sedan

Description: Mid-Size Luxury Sports Sedan
Base MSRP Range: $39,800-$58,300
Invoice Price Range: $36,380-$53,215

The 5-Series of sport sedans shows up in BMW's 2004 line with new designs set on a new platform that represents the fifth generation for mid-size models. The look is tipped decidedly toward styling for 7-Series sedans with curvy corners and a higher trunk deck in order to carve out more cargo room within the trunk. Up front, multi-lens headlamp clusters wrap around front corners with unique brows studded by parking lights as shelters for primary lamps. Beneath this sculptural skin, 5-Series cars carry new lightweight aluminum components in suspension and structure that pares overall mass and enhances acceleration and fuel economy figures.

A new adaptive steering system will be available on 5-Series sedans with an electronically-controlled device that can vary the steering ratio to match a driver's style and the pavement conditions. The AHC adaptive headlamp controller also appears on the 5-Series list of options. Cabins have been restyled with luxurious appointments and BMW adds computerized gear with the iDrive system off the 7-Series but in a simplified and easy-to-master format. Engines for 5-Series sedans essentially repeat, although transmissions change. In-line six-cylinder powertrains from the 3-Series drop into two of the 5-Series models -- the 2.5-liter six for 525i and 3.0-liter version for 530i. Top-model totes a 4.4-liter V8 that romps to 325 hp.

All come with either a six-speed manual transmission or five-speed Steptronic automatic mode for clutch-less shifts. All 5-Series cars also provide the entire spectrum of BMW mechanical systems for performance and safety, including HPS air bags and BMW's computerized Dynamic Stability Control (DSC) mechanism that can correct potentially dangerous car movements when wheels slip laterally.