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Car Comparisons

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New Car Buying Guide recommends that even if you have a good idea of the car or truck you want to buy, that you compare autos side-by-side. The reason is, when you go to buy a new car, you’ll know what the competitive vehicles are, and that will help when you are negotiating. Knowing the features and prices of the closest competitors lets you to tell a salesperson that if they don’t give you a better price, you can always buy the other product.

To use the New Car Buying Guide car comparison tool click on the make the car you are interested in below, then select the model. Under the “Build Your Own” tab, scroll down and click on “Compare this Vehicle.” From there you can pick similar cars or trucks to compare side-by-side.

New Car Buying Guide’s car comparisons allow you to look at new cars and trucks side-by-side to see which features you want and which packages are the best deal. While shopping for your next new car use the handy comparison tool to do your research. This tool enables you to compare a number of features including the powertrain (engine, transmission, drive axles, etc.), safety ratings, car accessories, exterior features, warranty (repairs and regular maintenance, if offered), the seating arrangements and options, the dimensions of the autos and their chassis.