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Mitsubishi Lancer

Shopping Tools And Steps To Get The Best Deal

  1. Build Your Own: This tab prices your Mitsubishi Lancer with options, gives side-by-side car comparisons and requests a quote.
  2. Get Price Quotes: This tab provides pricing from local dealerships. Get as many quotes as possible. When dealers compete you save.
  3. Search Inventory: This tab tells you which local dealerships have your Mitsubishi Lancer in stock.
  4. Financing: This tab compares interest rates. Dealers don't always offer the best deal.
  5. Trade-In Values: This tab tells you what your current car is worth so you can complete your deal.
  6. Lancer Reviews: Still not sure about the car? Click on the "Lancer Reviews" tab to learn about the vehicle.
  • Build Your Own
  • Price Quote
  • Search Inventory
  • Trade-In Values
  • Financing
  • Lancer Reviews

Build your own Mitsubishi Lancer to your specifications. Price with options, side-by-side car comparisons and request a quote. Click on “Build this Car” below.

Get Mitsubishi Lancer pricing from local dealerships. Get as many quotes as possible because when dealers compete for your business, you save.

Find out which local dealerships have your new Mitsubishi Lancer in stock. You can contact the dealers by phone or email.

Find out what your current car is worth so you can complete your deal.

Compare interest rates because dealers don’t always offer the best deal.

Still not sure about the Mitsubishi Lancer? Read reviews to learn more about the vehicle.

  • Mitsubishi Lancer SE

    The Mitsubishi Lancer is now available in SE trim with all-wheel drive, starting just over $20,000. The Lancer’s cabin looks sleek and sporty. Even with an automatic transmission, the gear selector looks like a manual shift knob

  • 2013 Mitsubishi Lancer Compact Hatchback

    Hunkering low against the road and hugging hard through each tight curve, one Sportback carves a crisp and controlled line through each curve at a rather fast clip. This latest iteration of Mitsubishi’s hatchback series for Lancer does not protest our aggressive treatment in the driver’s seat. Actually, it seems to invite even more action, and we of course comply.

  • 2008 Mitsubishi Lancer GTS Compact Sedan

    Ever heard of a “sleeper,” a car that looks ordinary but drives really fast? This is the opposite, the quick-looking Mitsubishi Lancer GTS, which comes with wild styling but makes do with the ordinary Lancer’s 152-horsepower engine. Other than a rough suspension that’s designed more for fun than comfort, the Mitsubishi Lancer GTS has a rather comfortable interior. Roomy seats and a sculpted back bench make the interior look more like a family car than a screamer.

  • 2006 Mitsubishi Lancer Compact Sedan

    Upgrades in safety equipment and a revamped front fascia characterize the 2006 Lancer, a compact sedan.

  • 2006 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution Compact Sports Sedan

    This is the street-legal version of Mitsubishi’s trophy-grabbing World Rally Championship (WRC) racer.