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Lexus Overview

Lexus logoAT A GLANCE

TECHNOLOGY: Lexus has led the way in key, up-and-coming innovations like pedestrian detection, driver facial recognition monitoring and lane keep assistance.

HISTORY: Since being launched in the U.S. as the luxury branch of Toyota in 1989, Lexus has enjoyed an impeccable reputation.

FAMOUS MODELS: LS, IS and HS sedans and the GX and RX SUVs.

KNOWN FOR: Reliable luxury cars that bring technology, comfort and elegance to the table.

World-class luxury

From the very start, Lexus has been a force to be reckoned with in the luxury vehicle market.

Since being introduced by Toyota in 1989, the goal of this brand has been to bring exquisite craftsmanship and unrivaled performance to United States consumers. Considering that Lexus sold its one millionth vehicle in 1999 — just in time for its tenth anniversary — it is safe to say that it got off to a phenomenal start.

Since then, Lexus has consistently produced solid, reliable cars that routinely earn top marks for design and quality. Silent cabins and powerful engines are hallmarks of the Lexus brand, and can be expected regardless of model.

Initially devoted to producing luxury sedans — the ES 250 and the LS 400 were its inaugural models — Lexus has expanded over the last two decades to include a line of luxury performance sedans like the GS, SUVs like the LX and even several hybrid-powered cars like the RX and LS 600h in recent years.

It’s these hybrid vehicles that have really begun to define the new Lexus. Built to the same luxury standards as all other Lexus vehicles, hybrids like the HS — the world’s first luxury car only offered as a hybrid — have green credentials to go along with their luxurious reputation. Even Lexus’ top-of-the-line model, the $100,000 LS 600h L, is a hybrid vehicle.



The all-new 2013 LS flagship models hail the future of the Lexus brand as it embarks on its third decade in the premium luxury category.


The all-new GS has a sporty, fun-to-drive character that meshes nicely with Lexus’ premium cabins and driving feel.


The Lexus ES has been completely redesigned for the sixth time, adding a progressive design and new level of luxury.