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Lease or Buy: Deciding on Financing Options?

The concept of borrowing money to buy or lease a new car is a puzzle all its own. Borrowing enables us to purchase more car than we can afford, but often less car than we dream of. However, borrowing isn’t all bad when carefully considered and executed. Financing in general, especially a vehicle, is an excellent exercise in money management. Done properly, the ... Read More »

Test Drives and Dealerships: Evaluating New Cars

Maybe it's the flashy neon sign out in front, or the overanxious guy who grabs you before you can get out of your car. Whatever the reason, nearly all of us feel uncomfortable when we visit a new car dealer. And rightly so. Especially if we're a minority (and that includes being a woman, oddly enough, given that we make up over 51% of the population). Read More »

Dealing with Dealers: Negotiating a New Car Purchase.

The most uncomfortable, daunting and scary part of the new car buying puzzle can be talking to automobile salespeople and haggling with them over the price of your new car. No one likes to do this, regardless of their gender. We are a fixed price culture, unfamiliar with the process of negotiating for price. But, unless you are dealing with ... Read More »

The Best Alternative – The Ten Minute Negotiation And Using The Phone

With 20 years of experience behind us and thousands of deals successfully negotiated and closed, we’ve learned that separating research and test driving from negotiating and doing the price discussions over the phone works best. Face to face negotiations are unnecessary and time consuming. Do your research, test drive your cars and determine your starting offer/target price. The following structure ... Read More »

2006 BMW 530xi Mid-Size Sport Wagon

2006 BMW 530xi Mid-Size Sport Wagon Base MSRP Range: $51,400 Base Invoice Range: $46,955 MSRP As Tested:$62,565 Versions: AWD Vehicle Category: Mid-Size Sport Wagon Engine Location:Front Engine Drive Wheels: All-Wheel Drive. Engine as Tested: 3.0-liter, Dual Overhead Cam, 24-valves, I-6,255 - horsepower at 6600 rpm and 220 lb-ft torque at 2750 rpm. Transmission: Six-speed STEPTRONIC automatic with Adaptive Transmission Control. ... Read More »

2006 BMW 330i Compact Sports Sedan

BMW compact cars include a new design for four-door sedans. The 330i rides on an expanded rear-wheel-drive (RWD) platform with longer wheelbase and wider track to enhance chassis dynamics and hone handling. Read More »

Winners of the

A two-member coed team of accountants won The Nevada Passage made-for-television adventure competition Saturday after scoring the most points during six days of challenging sports that concluded with Jet Ski racing on the Colorado River, Lt. Gov. Lorraine Hunt, chair of the Nevada Commission on Tourism (NCOT), announced. Read More »