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2004 Audi A8L Full-Size Luxury Sedan

Consider the new A8L flagship sedan from Audi of Germany: It's a kinetic work of automotive art, chiseled from aluminum with a space frame structure stretched to extravagant length and an elegant cabin decorated in glossy hardwoods and supple leathers and filled with limousine luxuries. Read More »

2003 Toyota Corolla Sub-Compact Sedan

It's appropriate that this car is introduced halfway between Japan and the US in Hawaii as Corolla has tire marks on both continents. First arriving here in the midst of the gas crises of the 70s, it became the answer to the bloated barges from Detroit. But few would consider that it would eventually surpass the Model T and the VW Beetle as the single most produced car model of all time. Read More »

2003 Toyota Matrix Compact Sedan

Hawaii is over run with small sedans and pickups, and vehicles like the Matrix fit right into the local lifestyle. With more and more of us aspiring to a tropical way of life, perhaps this could be the ideal vehicle, providing comfort, versatility, sportiness and all-wheel drive safety, all at an affordable price, along with economical and ecological driving behaviors. Read More »

2003 Volkswagen Passat W8 Mid-Size Sedan

The Passat W8 - Passat's top-of-the-line model - becomes Volkswagen's flagship car in North America and, defines its position with a combination of power, standard amenities, and German engineering. This is the first 8-cylinder powered Volkswagen offered anywhere and the Passat W8 is just the start of VW's attempt to move its Volkswagen brand uptown. Read More »

2003 Volkswagen New Beetle Convertible Sub-Compact

This is too cool: Volkswagen's roly-poly New Beetle pops the top to forge a cute new convertible edition. We're rolling along palm-fringed Collins Avenue in Miami Beach with the top dropped on one New Beetle Convertible as warm sunlight splashes across a curvaceous car body tinted to Sundown Orange. Read More »

2003 Honda Element Wagon

The 2003 Honda Element is a cool vehicle. Highly utilitarian. Very affordable. And it has a refreshing, (though weird) design. Unforunately Honda doesn't want women to like them. In fact they don't want women to buy them, because they fear men won't buy them if they get pegged as a "chick's" car. That's an idiotic attitude. The Honda marketing wonks (male or female) need to learn that insulting your customers is useless. But they've done this before. Read More »