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The History of the California Gold Rush

On January 24th, 1848, James Marshall discovered gold in the tail race -- water exiting a mill stream used to power the mill wheel -- of the new lumber mill in the mountains east of Sacramento California. Had it not been for his partner John Augustus Sutter's tremendous ongoing demand for milled lumber for his fort in Sacramento, Marshall would have never setup the lumber camp or built the mill that caused the discovery of gold in California. Read More »

Touring The California Gold Country – Day 1 And Day 2

We flew into Sacramento late in the afternoon and picked up a new 1999 Nissan Pathfinder at the airport to take on our tour of the California Gold Country. We drove into town and deposited our luggage at the Sterling Hotel -- a lovely 12-room Victorian hotel conveniently located near all of the historical attractions in Sacramento. Read More »

Motorcycling India: A Diary Of My Travels – Part 1

It's 1 o'clock in the morning. I landed a couple hours ago. My thoughts, and my body, are in a muddle. The past two nights have been rather tough. I haven't slept properly as I've been increasingly worried about what I'm about to embark upon. My family are also obviously worried. They think the whole idea is rather reckless and this has been communicated to me. Read More »