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The Transportation of the Future, Here Today

In an electric drive vehicle, the torque is supplied to the wheels by an electric motor that is powered either solely by a battery, or an internal combustion engine using hydrogen, gasoline or diesel, or, by a fuel cell. Read More »

Electronic Stability Control

This technology could prevent nearly one-third of all fatal crashes and reduce the risk of rolling over by as much as 80 percent. The benefits are found in crashes involving one vehicle and more than one. Read More »

ALPR Making a Cop’s Job a Bit Easier

As a police officer pulls behind a speeding, a camera mounted on the patrol car has already automatically read its license plate. This information is then processed by an on-board computer. Within seconds, the displays shows that the car is stolen and the occupants are wanted for a murder. Or an Amber Alert goes out for an abducted child. Read More »

Lane Departure Warning System

The automobile industry is constantly introducing innovative technology, usually first on luxury vehicles. Some technologies like anti-lock braking, all-wheel drive, on-board navigation, and electronic stability control are examples of those that catch on and soon are available throughout the industry. Read More »

Hybrid Electric School Buses

The typical school bus stops and starts many times while picking up and letting offstudents. It often spends more time stopped and idling while loading and unloading than driving down the road. Hybrid electric vehicles love lots of starts and stops. That's why there is so much interest in hybrid electric transit buses, delivery trucks, refuse pickup trucks and taxis. Read More »

2006 Vehicles With Electronic Stability Control (ESC) As Reported To NHTSA By The Vehicle Manufacturers

The following is a list of Model Year 2006 vehicles with Electronic Stability Control (ESC) as available equipment – either Standard or Optional – as reported to NHTSA by the vehicle manufacturers. Vehicle manufacturers may elect to make ESC available on other models during the model year. Check with your manufacturer. Acura Vehicle Stability Assist (VSA) Acura MDX Acura RL ... Read More »