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Turbo Kool For RV

Many people who dry camp in hot weather do not want to run a noisy and fuel using generator to power their air conditioner to keep cool. Or maybe they don't have AC. A great solution is an evaporative cooler, or as they are often called, a "swamp cooler." While evaporator coolers work great in California's Mojave Desert, it is of little value in the Everglades or any where the relative humidity exceeds about 75-percent.

A real plus for evaporator coolers over refrigerated air conditioners is that they provide the best cooling when cool air flows freely through the RV with windows, doors and vent open. Thus, you don't have to be cooped in a closed, stuffy RV with the window closed shut on hot day.

As its name implies, cooling is accomplished by evaporation. Warm dry outside air is drawn into the evaporative cooler by a fan. Water is sprayed into the air as it passes through a porous filter. As the dry air is forced through the wet filter by the fan, the water evaporates cooling the air before it enters the interior of the RV.

Starting in 1970s, before air conditioning was widely available, RECAIR sold evaporative coolers for mobile installations like RVs. When RECAIR went out of business a few years ago, it assets were acquired by Bachman Enterprises, Inc. in Gardnerville, Nevada. After making numerous improvements to the design, Bachman began selling their units under the TurboKOOL label. Incidentally, Bachman offers replacement parts for RECAIR units, as many parts are interchangeable between the old and new brands.

The TurboKOOL cooler uses RECAIR's unique "Spin-Spray" cooling technology. There is only one moving part, and the bearings and motor are never exposed to moist air to prevent rusting. The motor is cooled by dry air for longer life and can run safely without water. This all adds up to maintenance-free operation.

The non-organic, industrial strength foam filter provides cooling and filtration without bacterial growth or foul odors. Spraying water over the entire surface of the filter ensures maximum cooling and filtering efficiency. Hot, dirty air becomes clean, cool air as the spin-spray action washes out dust, pollen and other impurities. This is more efficient than just dripping water over a filter, often the case with other evaporative coolers. The unit delivers up to 750 CFM (cubic-feet-per-minute) of cool, clean air.

Since the TurboKOOL cooler requires less than 60 watts, it can be powered by an RV's 12 Volt battery system, or by solar panels. The TurboKOOL unit is 35-inch x 22-inch x 11.5-inch and weighs just 16 pounds. The unit's streamlined styling and low profile "no-snag" contour offers minimal wind resistance. The body and hood of the TurboKOOL are UV protected to prevent cracking, discoloration and fading

Fitting in standard 14-inch x 14-inch roof vent openings, individually adjustable louvers distribute the cool air as directed. The TurboKOOL's three-speed, exceptionally quiet, air cooled reversible motor so it can also be used as an exhaust fan. It can be used on pickup campers, travel trailers, pop ups and motorhomes. Installation can be done by most do-it-yourselfers using simple hand tools. Besides being much easier to install, it is considerably less expensive compared to a traditional RV air conditioning system, especially if a generator is also needed.

The built-in, easy-to-clean water reservoir can be filled automatically from a pressurized RV system, can be hand-filled from inside the vehicle, connected to a garden hose, or from a stand-alone pressurized 3-gallon water supply tank.

The size of the RV, how well it is insulated, exterior temperature and humidity all affect the cooling efficiency. Temperature reduction is usually between 20 - 30 degrees F.