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Living With Your RV — Wind Drag

Recently I have had more questions about wind drag than any other. Hopefully I will be able to address all your concerns in the next few hundred words. Remember, everything I know has been learned from my time on the road. Read More »

Living with An RV – The Chevrolet P-30 & P-12 Chassis

When I was a kid, much of my time was spent singing. I had a low alto voice so the music teachers were always putting me in with the boys to fill out the voices on the low notes. Most of the boys would rather play baseball, so we were always short on willing male voices. I never thought of myself as a girl. I thought of myself as a person. Read More »

Living With Your RV — The Engine

When traveling by motorhome, you soon discover that replacing your old unit can be a uphill climb. Many floorplans have changed over the years, and the one you are stuck on may not be combined with the powerplant you need to get down the road. Read More »

Living With An RV – The Bathroom

I have a great friend who recently purchased an RV with living quarters in the front and horse stalls in the back. She goes to many horse shows and loves her new RV because it has made life less stressful on the road. After a four-day event she and her family noticed a strong odor coming from the living quarters. Read More »

Living With An RV – The Beds

Keeping your RV ready to use is not difficult if some simple rules are followed. Always keep your holding tanks clean. Have plates, forks, placemats, pots and pans that are just for the RV. Towels, soap, laundry supplies stowed in the bathroom help keep what you need on board without constantly loading and unloading the motorhome. Read More »