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Making RVs Handicapped Accessible With Startrack Mobility Aides

Motorhomes and travel trailers are great for the disabled and physically challenged. They can be much more accommodating than traveling by air or riding in a car and staying in hotels, once inside. Unfortunately, entering and exiting many motorhomes and trailers can be a challenge for those who use a wheelchair, mobility scooter, or just have difficulty climbing stairs. The solution could be mobility aids offered by Startracks, which also markets mobility aides for pickups, vans, buses and SUVs as well as mobility aides for the healthcare industry.

For example, Startrack's Under Vehicle Lift (UVL) is designed for wheelchairs and mobility scooters. Installed underneath the RV, the powered UVL lifts a wheelchair or scooter with rider from the ground so they can roll into or out of the RV. The UVL can be installed underneath Class A and Class C motorhomes and all types of trailers as well as SUVs, vans and pickups

For those needing help in entering or exiting a Class A motorcoach with several steps, there is the Startrack Custom Lift. This chair lift can be installed inside on either side of side entry doors and on the right side as you exit on front entry doors. The space needed for installation of the chair lift is 9 inches wide, 4 inches deep and 72 inches high.

The Custom Lift is powered by a 12 Volt motor attached to a hydraulic cylinder. When entering or exiting, just sit in the seat. A wireless remote, like the one used to lock and unlock car doors, is used to lower or raise yourself. Then, push yourself in or out of the entry door. The carrier arm -- an articulating hinge to which the seat is attached -- moves up and down. There are also internal safety switches.

The carrier arm/articulating hinge can be moved down into the step well when traveling. The seat can easily be removed by just lifting it off of the carrier arm/articulating hinge and stored inside the RV or in an external cargo bay. It can also be relocated to the shower to help when showering.

Startrack Custom Lifts (, offers many other products like standing lifts, rotating power seats and even a portable suitcase lift to make RVing more enjoyable, and for some people, even possible. Another popular item is the powered running board that helps getting in and out of pickups, vans, and SUVs, especially those that ride high above the ground.

As the company name implies, rather than one-size-fits-all, it specializes in custom designs to meet individual assistance needs. Also, differences in motorhome, trailer and RV designs often requires customized installations. Thus, while Starcraft engineers can construct a lift system from detailed dimensions and photos, best results, especially for more complicated installations, result if the RV is brought to the company’s facilities in Elkhart, IN.