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Ford Interceptor, Dodge Demon, Chevrolet Volt Concepts Show How Detroit Could Launch an Assault

Ford's Interceptor concept looks like an American car should. It's big, bold and brash, something you can't say about the bland Japanese lookalikes that Detroit has been pushing since the '80s. While it probably wouldn't be a huge seller, the Dodge Demon concept could create an attainable halo for the company if Chrysler decides to build it. We often hear that hybrids are the cars of the future, but the Chevy Volt concept takes that a step further. It shows that earth-friendly cars don't have to look nerdy. Read More »

NASCAR Technology Could Protect Drivers

Accident damaged guardrails and sand barrels for crash protection along our highways could be a thing of the past. They could be replaced by new self-healing automotive crash-barriers. These barriers are made of a material that recaptures its original shape minutes after a crash. Read More »

Road Rage Simply Not Worth It

The wacko woman in the next car was cursing at my friend, "Lynn." Lynn had exited the freeway and entered the turn lane without a single car in sight. But when the lunatic lady pulled up next to her a full minute later, she was waving her hands wildly and cursing at Lynn over some imagined wrong. Read More »

A Day on the Job for CHP Officer Never Mundane

Mario Lopez does not wake up in the morning and drive to a job where he works in an indistinguishable modular cubicle. He does not spend day after day behind some innocuous beige metal desk, performing the same mundane tasks over and over again as he stares at an impersonal computer screen. He does not clock out every evening wondering if his accomplishments of the day really matter in the grand scheme of things. Read More »

OPTIMA Batteries

Does your vehicle’s battery live a tough life? Lots of vibration, high under-hood temperatures or maybe sitting idle for months? Does it have to crank over a diesel engine in very cold weather. Maybe, it has to power lots of electrical accessories, lights, or a high-performance sound system. If so, you might consider an OPTIMA(R) battery. Read More »

A Day In The Life Of A CHP Officer

I interrogated officer Mario Lopez of the California Highway Patrol mercilessly for hours. With infinite patience, he gave me answers that provided a rare insider’s glimpse at the mechanism and the mindset of the CHP. Here are 13 fascinating facts about the CHP that you may not have known: They use tuning forks to calibrate their radar before they go ... Read More »