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Ticket could be worse

Feeling sorry for yourself because you received a traffic citation? Perhaps this little whirlwind tour of the consequences traffic violators face in other parts of the world will make you feel a bit better. In Finland, when it comes to traffic citations, the more you earn, the more you pay. Finnish traffic fines are proportionate to the latest available data ... Read More »

Is It Legal To Drive With A Disable Placard Hanging From The Rear-View Mirror

This week we’ll find out whether it is better to see or not to see disabled placards, whether the disembodied voice of GPS actually has a fan club, and we’ll discover the only place where hands-free phones are not required when driving in California. Question: Many times while driving I see people with disable placards hanging from their rear-view mirror. ... Read More »

Think Before You Trade High MPG Cars And Trucks

As gasoline prices pass to the $4 a gallon mark, and perhaps even beyond, you might be thinking its time to trade your gas-guzzler for a fuel-sipping vehicle. However, there are several things to consider before traveling down to a dealership to make a trade. First, determine your needs. If you have a large family or frequently take along friends, ... Read More »

Do I Really Need to Use Premium Gasoline?

The owner’s manual for my vehicle recommends premium gasoline. With premium gasoline now costing 25- to 40- cent more than regular, can I safely fill-up with regular without damaging my engine? The answer is probably yes, especially if you drive conservatively, as you should be doing today. Many manufacturers of upscale and high performance vehicles optimize their engines to produce ... Read More »

Cruisin’ Memory Lane

I started writing this column three years ago this week. For kicks and giggles, I thought I’d take a little drive down Memory Lane and make a pit stop at some of the more memorable moments that this experience has afforded me. During the past three years I have been sent hundreds of provocative and wonderful questions, from Ruth Beam ... Read More »

Used cars often just as good

My mother and father grew up during the Great Depression, and it shaped the way they viewed financial transactions like car buying for the rest of their lives. Read More »

How do cars get their names?

A few weeks back I had the opportunity to meet Franz Von Holzhauzen, the charismatic design director for Mazda. He explained to me that the name for his sleek, head-turning concept car, "Kabura," meant "first arrow launched into battle." The name was meant to represent Mazda's first entrance into the sport compact coupe market. Read More »

Sig Alert gets its name from 1950s-era radio man

Here is a conversation starter for your next holiday party: Is "Sig Alert" an acronym that means A) Stay In the Garage, B) Sense Impending Grief, C) Know that a freeway Situation is Impossibly Grueling, or D) Does "Sig Alert" stand for "signal alert"? Read More »