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Draining Automatic Transmission Torque Converters

To keep your automatic transmission in good working order and prevent costly repairs it is important to change the automatic transmission fluid (ATF) periodically. However, in many transmissions, there is no drain plug on the torque converter, which holds much of the fluid, so it cannot be completely drained to remove all the old fluid. This is all the more ... Read More »

Keeping Your Cool

You've seen it all too often, a car, SUV or light truck on the side of the road, hood up, while the engine as cools down. More than likely, the vehicle is on a steep hill and pulling some type of trailer. Read More »

Automatic Transmissions

An automatic transmission is nothing more than a giant hydraulic pump that internally lubricates itself, cools itself, and, ultimately, through application of a series of gears, clutches, and internal "hard parts," propels the car forward. Read More »