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Tires and Wheels

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Coping with Brake Dust

I am fortunate to live in Southern California where maintaining a car looking great is a pretty easy task year around. A monthly wash and annual waxing keeps my Saab looking great, except for the alloy wheels. Within a few miles, the wheels are covered by a coating of black dust. Not only is the dust unsightly, it is quite corrosive. Left on the wheels for any lengthy period of time, the dust mixed with water becomes an acid that can etch the finish on the wheel. Read More »

Services Help In Nothing Flat

We were going to be late. There was a screw with a head the size of a dime hat had managed to work its way into the tire of my vehicle, and if we didn't get the tire changed pronto, there was no question about it we were going to be late. Read More »

Change Your Oil and Rotate Your Tires

Most people do the first, but neglect the second. Most newer vehicles have 6,000 to 7,500 mile recommended oil change intervals, so tire rotation can done at the same time. However, check the owners manual for the recommended service intervals for your vehicle. Doing both at the same time can save a trip to a service facility, not to mention the time in the waiting room. Read More »

Be Aware of Tire Wear

While irregular tire wear is a good indication that it might be time to have your tires replaced, did you know that it can also be a warning sign that your vehicle is experiencing steering, alignment or suspension problems? Read More »

How To Store Spare Tires

Many motorists live in regions where two sets of tires are needed, snow tires and regular tires. This means one set has to be stored. Here are some tips to prevent the stored tires from being damaged while sitting idle. Read More »

Keeping Trailer Wheel Bearings Going Round And Round

Repacking wheel bearings on modern trucks, SUVs and RVs might be beyond the capabilities of many do-it-yourselfers mainly because it usually involves disassembly and assembly of sophisticated disc brake systems. In comparison, repacking of wheel bearing on trailers is relatively easy. Read More »

Taking Care of Those Expensive Wheels

You're washing your vehicle and those alloy wheels, you spent almost a thousand dollars on, look terrible. They are scratched and peeling, or maybe even bent and cracked. Can they be restored, or must they be replaced? Read More »