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Seasonal Maintenance

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Cost Cutting Tips for Summer Travel and Vacations

Despite soaring gas prices, most people aren't ready to sacrifice vacations filled with Americana souvenirs, photos snapped with the world's largest roadside attractions and, most importantly, the quality family bonding time only a true Road trip can offer. Read More »

Winter Weather Tips: Don’t Get Your Car Stuck Before It Gets Started

"NASCAR(R) drivers have it easy when it comes to driving conditions," says Mark Salem, NASCAR's "Performance Pit Crew Chief." "They only race in warm weather. But regular folks like you and me don't have that luxury. We often have to get our vehicles started in very cold temperatures, and we don't have pit crews to help us out if things go wrong. Read More »

Hot Starts on Cold Days

Turn the ignition key on today's engines with computerized engine management systems and electronic fuel injection, and go. No need to even warm up the engine. Most of the younger generation don't know what it is to "pump the gas" and a choke is as foreign as a telephone with a rotary dial. However, even modern engines can fail to start when the temperature dips to sub-zero levels. Read More »

Detecting Flood Damage

While there is no sure way to detect vehicle flood damage in every case, here are 10 inspection tips that may be used to detect significant water damage. Read More »