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Fuel Injector Deposits

Today, there are many drivers who never drove a vehicle that didn’t have electronic fuel injection. Carburetors, what are they? Likewise, they never had to warm up an engine, flooded an engine or used a choke. Electronic fuel injection, which is celebrating its 40th birthday, virtually eliminated these, and many other problems as well as give us cleaner air. Read More »

The Hemi V8 Chrysler’s Best Known MoPar High-Performance Engine

Even when Chrysler products suffered in build quality, MoPar engines were noted for their bulletproof reliability and durability as well as their often blistering performance. Undoubtedly, Chrysler’s best known high-performance engine is the "hemi", introduced in 1951 as Chrysler's answer to the new Cadillac and Oldsmobile V8s introduced in 1949. Read More »

Multiplexing, Multiplexed Data Bus Controls Cars Electrical System

Today's vehicles are chocked full of electronics and electric powered devices - electronic fuel injection, antilock brakes, infotainment and navigation systems, and power everything. Now, electric steering, transmission, suspensions and even electric air conditioning are appearing in the latest models. All these system require wiring, and lots of it. Besides adding weigh and taking up space, the huge amount of wiring means assembly and maintenance headaches.

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Messes Impress Chrysler

Sponsored by Chrysler in conjunction with a company called YES Essentials, which produces a line of car products for the "tidiness challenged," Maria's sloppy jalopy earned her family the grand prize of a new Chrysler Pacifica with YES Essentials' "kid, pet and ketchup-proof" seat covers. Read More »

Washing Your Car The Right Way

Washing your car or truck is a weekend ritual for many of us. But are you doing it correctly for maximum protection of your sizeable investment? Here are some suggestions that help you do a better job of cleaning while providing maximum protection to the finish. Read More »

OPTIMA Batteries

Does your vehicle’s battery live a tough life? Lots of vibration, high under-hood temperatures or maybe sitting idle for months? Does it have to crank over a diesel engine in very cold weather. Maybe, it has to power lots of electrical accessories, lights, or a high-performance sound system. If so, you might consider an OPTIMA(R) battery. Read More »

Don’t Forget About Checking Your Brake Fluid

Most people religiously change engine oil, engine coolant and transmission fluid, but never give a thought to their brake fluid. It is estimated that about half of the cars and light trucks on American roads over ten years old still have the brake fluid that was installed at the factory... Read More »