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Do you Understand your Tires?

Want to read your tire's thoughts and intentions? You should, because understanding what your car's shoes can and cannot do is as important to driving, as is the car's horsepower rating or rear suspension design. Read More »

Check Tires Prior to Seasonal Rains for Safety’s Sake

Worn tires and a National Weather Service forecast calling for significant rainfall and perhaps flooding is a recipe for disaster. Drivers should inspect their tires for adequate tread depth to ensure that they can handle the puddles and slick pavement that springtime brings. Read More »

At Peace with the Pieces

Whatever the reason, auto enthusiasts are restoring vehicles like never before. What was once a male-dominated pastime is now embraced by women as well. Read More »

Lighting and Safe Visibility

With the number of people in the world driving today, your lights are critical to the safety and visibility you need while driving. You need to see everything ahead of you clearly and accurately to react as quickly as possible and to avoid potentially dangerous encounters. Read More »