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AutoZone Offers Money-Saving Gas Mileage Tips During National Car Care Month

MEMPHIS, Tennessee — With record-high gas prices, AutoZone, the nation’s leading auto parts retailer, says this is a great time to make sure consumers are getting the most out of every tank. And, with April being National Car Care Month, it is a great time for a spring tune-up to help you do just that. These money-saving tips from AutoZone ... Read More »

AAA Offeres Recommendations for Proper Battery Handing and Disposal

With an estimated 248 million vehicles on the road in North America, the proper use and disposal of vehicle batteries, tires and various types of automotive fluids are crucial to a healthy environment. Often, lead-acid vehicle batteries are left to sit in garages, backyards and storage sheds where they may be creating an environmental safety hazard. When left to sit, ... Read More »

Recycling Motor Oil

Even the with Jiffy Lube, Grease Monkey and other companies offering quick oil changes, the American Petroleum Institute says, over 50-percent of us still change our own oil. Do-it-yourselfers generate about 150 millions gallons of used motor oil each year. Many dispose of the used oil properly; unfortunately, too many don’t. Though illegal in many communities, used motor is poured ... Read More »

Dunlop Claims U.S. Drivers may be Wasting More than $10Billion at Gas Pumps

AKRON, Ohio – U.S. motorists may be wasting more than $10.3 billion at the gas pump annually, because they spend too little time at the air pump, according to Dunlop tire officials. According to statistics from Dunlop engineering, tires under-inflated by only 4 to 5 pounds per square inch cause a vehicle to gulp – and waste – an extra ... Read More »

Diagnosing Starter Problems

You turn the ignition key and you get that dreaded clicking sound. Or maybe after a few seconds of cranking, without starting, the starter runs very sluggishly. In either case, you now have a starting system problem. A couple of cautions when experiencing starting system problems. You can damage a starter by continuous cranking because the starter heats up very ... Read More »

Tips for Getting the Best Gas Mileage from Your Car

Tips for Getting the Best Gas Mileage from Your Car Common sense and experience tell us that gas prices will continue to increase during the coming weeks and months. Proper vehicle maintenance helps your car run well and consume the least possible amount of gasoline and oil. This saves money and decreases tailpipe emmissions. Efficient internal combustion engines develop more ... Read More »

Spring Vehicle Maintenance Checklist

Now that winter is almost a memory, millions of Americans will take to the roads to enjoy the warmer weather. Spring is the perfect time of year to make sure your vehicle is ready for the upcoming travel season. Whether you’re driving across the country or driving across town, check the following vehicle components before embarking on your next trip: ... Read More »

Removing, Inspecting and Installing Wheels

Wheels are very reliable and therefore probably one of the most neglected parts on a vehicle. Most go around for hundreds of thousands of miles usually without a lick of trouble. However, through the years they can become damaged, crack or become weakened by rust and corrosion. Kelsey Hayes, one of the largest manufacturers of automotive wheels, once estimated that ... Read More »