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General Maintenance

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Big Payoff Awaits Savvy Car Owner

Don't you love it when someone says they know barely enough about a car to start it and put it in gear' Or the person who says the car they want to sell you is so dependable, they've had to do nothing to it for over a hundred thousand miles. Read More »

Inspecting Your Vehicle Makes for Safe Holiday Travel

With the holiday weekend and the summer vacation season upon us; there is no better time to "Be Car Care Aware" about your vehicle. According to the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA), an average of 13,000 Americans are killed between Memorial Day weekend and Labor Day. Read More »

Before Loading the Truck, Protect the Bed

Anyone who owns a truck knows just how painful it is to see those first scratches in the truck bed. Even if they intended their truck to be used for hauling things, the goal is to keep it in great condition for as long as possible. Read More »

Coffee and Cars Equal Bacteria and Mold

Since more bacteria and mold grow in cars than houses, homeowners are not the only ones starting their spring cleaning. Environmental scientists say cars are greater breeding grounds since they contain smaller volumes of air. Read More »