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Messes Impress Chrysler

Sponsored by Chrysler in conjunction with a company called YES Essentials, which produces a line of car products for the "tidiness challenged," Maria's sloppy jalopy earned her family the grand prize of a new Chrysler Pacifica with YES Essentials' "kid, pet and ketchup-proof" seat covers. Read More »

Washing Your Car The Right Way

Washing your car or truck is a weekend ritual for many of us. But are you doing it correctly for maximum protection of your sizeable investment? Here are some suggestions that help you do a better job of cleaning while providing maximum protection to the finish. Read More »

Repairing Chips and Scratches

Your vehicle runs great, but the body has many paint chips from rocks and encounters with shopping carts plus a nasty scratch on it. Here are some tips on repairing chips and scratches without having to invest in a repaint. Read More »

TLC for RV Sanitary Systems

Most RVers now indoor plumbing for granted. Though not exactly high-tech, RV plumbing is more complex than the household plumbing requiring more careful use and preventative maintenance. Read More »

Restore That New-Car Look

Your car says a lot about you. That's why many hard-core car enthusiasts would think nothing of spending an entire afternoon -- or even an entire weekend -- detailing their vehicles. Read More »

To Protect Your Car From Damaging Sun Rays Use a Car Cover Made of High-Tech Evolution(R) Fabric

Kimberly-Clark, makers of protective fabrics used in car covers, has attained an Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF) of 180 for its Evolution(R) fabric. The UPF rating indicates that only 1/180 of hazardous UV radiation will pass through the fabric, helping to protect a carís paint and interior components from sun damage. The covers can be custom-fit for every vehicle make, model and year, to follow the exact contours of the vehicle, including any modifications or aftermarket accessories. Read More »

Vinyl and Leather Care

It’s time to give some TLC to your vehicle’s vinyl or leather upholstery and trim to bring it back to like new condition. Care and refurbishment of leather and vinyl are two very different processes requiring separate techniques and products. You might have do some research to find out which materials are used and where since they are sometimes mixed. Read More »