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Don’t Forget About Checking Your Brake Fluid

Most people religiously change engine oil, engine coolant and transmission fluid, but never give a thought to their brake fluid. It is estimated that about half of the cars and light trucks on American roads over ten years old still have the brake fluid that was installed at the factory... Read More »

When Brakes Talk, Drivers Should Listen

When it comes to driving safely, it’s easy to take your vehicle’s ability to stop for granted – until you really need it. According to brake expert Akebono, your brakes often reveal possible serious situations when they make noise, pull, judder – another term for vibrate – or feel soft. Addressing these symptoms promptly enhances your safety and may save ... Read More »

Quiet Those Squeeling Brakes

Squealing, squawking and squeaking brakes can not only be annoying, these noises can indicate potentially dangerous problems with your braking system. There are several reasons why brakes can be heard. Read More »

The Importance of Brake Performance

Let's talk about a major safety aspect of your car -- the braking system. Being "out of sight, out of mind," the braking system on most people's cars go unnoticed, until a problem crops up. What are the most common signs of brake failure? Read More »

Caring for Your Vehicle’s Braking System

When it comes to vehicle safety, there is no other system that is as important as the brakes. However, most of us take it for granted that our car will stop properly whenever we press on the brake pedal. You can be confident that your car will stop if you take proper care of its braking system through annual brake inspections, maintenance and repair. Read More »