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New Product For Child Comfort In Car Seats

Kids who 'slump over' while sleeping in the car seat or stroller can develop serious spinal issues, and certainly they can be uncomfortable. Now, there's a new car gadget providing head and neck support to children. It helps 'align the spine' and makes children more comfortable during travel. And it's recommended by Chiropractors.

ToddlerCoddler was invented by mother-of-two, Susan Dunk. When she couldn't find a product on the market to safely and adequately provide her kids comfort in the car, she turned desperation into inspiration and thought up the ToddlerCoddler. Dunk took a sewing lesson, bought a sewing machine and after several designs, settled on the now-popular ToddlerCoddler.

ToddlerCoddler is great for cars, planes, buses - even strollers and joggers! ToddlerCoddler does not attach to your child's seat, so it does not interfere with the function or safety of the car seat's harness or seatbelt.

"When the head of the baby slumps over toward the shoulder, it stretches the nerves and the spinal cord on the opposite side from where the ear is closest to the shoulder," says Dr. Daniel Aviv, New Jersey Chiropractor. "The posture of the child is then compromised over time, allowing them to grow up with "self-induced" spinal problems.

The company also manufactures CoddlerCovers, which are machine washable and come in cool colors and patterns like Pink Pizzazz, Lovely Lavender and Stylin' Plaid.

A new version of the ToddlerCoddler for older children is also in the works. For more information visit