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Fuel Savers – Save Your Money

Every time gasoline prices spike, con artists dust off products that claim to increase fuel economy significantly and entrepreneurs “invent” a few new ones. Their claims tout a 20- to 30-percent improvement, so, if you are getting 20 mpg, you will end up with 24 to 26 mpg. With the Internet, there is even greater proliferation in fuel-saving devices, or ... Read More »

e-Ride’s Macho Neighborhood Electric Vehicle (NEV)

For many years the Classic Golf Car Company built custom golf cars. When its founder, John Herou, saw that its golf cars were often being used for more demanding duty than hauling golfers around the greens, he designed a more capable electric vehicle. The resulting heavy-duty, low speed vehicle (LSV) or neighborhood electric vehicle (NEV) is now being marketed under ... Read More »

Solar-Powered Vehicles

Solar-powered cars have been pretty much confined to solar races and science projects until recently. However, there are several solar-powered neighborhood electric vehicles, or NEVs, on the market. Read More »

Automotive X Prize

Awhile back you probably heard about the $10 million "Ansari X PRIZE" awarded to innovative aircraft designer and builder, Burt Rutan, backed by Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen. They successfully launched a reusable manned spacecraft. Now, the X PRIZE Foundation is offering the $10 million "Progressive Automotive X PRIZE", the title because Progressive Casualty Insurance Co. is a major sponsor. Read More »

BMW Hydrogen 7

Most automobile manufacturers are working on fuel cell vehicles. BMW has developed another technology to better assure its cars will still be "Ultimate Driving Machines", when running on hydrogen. The whirr of electric motors would be out of character for BMWs. This accomplished by modifying its internal combustions to run on hydrogen, calling them Hydrogen Internal Combustion Engines, or H2ICEs. Read More »

Liquid Solar Fuel From Carbon Dioxide

Many approaches are being investigated to reduce carbon dioxide, one of the gases that is suspected to be a cause of climate change. One of these involves processing this suspected greenhouse gas to obtain the carbon, which can be turned into carbon-based fuel. Read More »

Understanding Hybrid Vehicles

"A hybrid vehicle is a vehicle with two or more energy storage systems, both of which must provide propulsion power", said Dave Hermance of Toyota Engineering and Manufacturing of North America. Read More »