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BMW – ‘The Ultimate Driving Authority’ – Gets Behind The Wheel To Create Safer Drivers

BMW shifts into high gear as it rolls out its national Precision Driving Experience clinics in an effort to make the roads safer this summer. The Precision Driving Experience (PDE) is a comprehensive driving course that teaches drivers of all levels to become safer, more confident drivers. BMW believes that hands-on training is the best way to make consumers feel comfortable and in control on the roads.

Automotive enthusiasts in seven cities across the country will have the opportunity to test -- and improve -- their driving skills at BMW's Precision Driving Experience clinics. The clinics offer a number of different driving programs, including a unique free clinic for student drivers. In addition to having an excellent student to teacher ratio, all clinics are taught by professional driving instructors with extensive backgrounds in providing in- car coaching.

"The BMW Precision Driving Experience is designed for anyone who drives and wants to improve his or her driving skills to feel more comfortable and in control when on the road," said Holly Babich, Manager of Consumer Events, BMW of North America, LLC. "For the daily driver, it is an opportunity to hone techniques to ensure safety and, for the true car enthusiast, it is a chance to drive like a professional through newly acquired driving skills."

Each of the BMW Precision Driving Experience clinics includes both classroom and behind-the-wheel training. The sessions range from two-hour courses to two full days of instruction and driving. Participants are encouraged to find their limits and extend their knowledge through "seat-time" taught in the Ultimate Classroom -- a BMW. The balance and neutral handling characteristics of the vehicles make them the ideal learning tools for advanced driving.

The individual clinics include:

Performance Driving Class -- A two-hour driving clinic taught by professional BMW instructors. This class is designed around a hands-on driving school curriculum where participants will learn skills such as performance handling and ABS braking.

Student Driver Program -- A half-day clinic designed for new and inexperienced drivers. Teens will learn car control techniques such as braking, slide control, accident avoidance and handling that they may not have learned elsewhere.

3 Series and Z4 Car Control Clinics -- Full-day programs. The Car Control Clinics focus on ABS braking including emergency braking; reaction time and braking distance; and accident avoidance, braking and turning. Participants will have the opportunity to drive a Friction Circle. This exercise teaches drivers about steering, eye positions, hand positions and skid recovery while driving. Drivers continue the experience with a performance-handling course and are exposed to braking and turning, limit handling, transitions, power applications, slide control and smoothness.

M5 Car Control Clinic -- Another full day program. The M5 Car Control Clinic is taught exclusively in the M5 and includes all of the Car Control Clinic lessons in addition to a slalom competition. During the slalom lesson, drivers participate in braking, slide control, accident avoidance and handling on this difficult sloping track.

M5 Owner Program -- This two-day experience encourages BMW M5 owners to explore the unique handling of their own vehicle and includes one day of track exercises and one day on a guided road. Drivers will perfect their performance skill and braking techniques, and have the opportunity to drive the new Z4 roadster.

The markets included in the Precision Driving Experience are as follows:

	   (1)  Philadelphia        June 21 - June 29        Phili Park
   	(2)  Boston              July 26 - Aug. 3         Weymouth Naval Air
   	(3)  Detroit             Aug. 23 - Aug. 31        Silverdome
   	(4)  San Francisco       Oct. 4 - Oct. 12         Alameda Point
   	(5)  Los Angeles         Oct. 25 - Nov. 2         El Toro Marine Air
   	(6)  Atlanta             Nov. 15 - Nov. 23        Turner Field
   	(7)  Houston             Dec. 6 - Dec. 14         Reliant Stadium

For more information about the 2003 Precision Driving Experience clinics, please visit or call 1-800-956-4BMW.