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New Hampshire Graduated License Law

Supervised Driving Age 15 1/2 No Permit is required in New Hampshire. From age 15 ½ teens may drive under supervision of driving instructor or parent/guardian. Birth certificate must be carried in vehicle. Driver’s License Age 16 Requirements: Certificate from approved driving school. Pass required tests. Restrictions: First 90 days only drive with a licensed adult over the age of ... Read More »

New Jersey Graduated License Law

Student Learner Permit Age 16+ Requirements 6 hour behind-the-wheel approved driving course. Signature of parent/guardian for permit. Proof name and age. Pass vision & knowledge test. High school principal or commercial driving school owner signs the permit. Bring permit to MVS driver testing center to be validated for supervised practice driving. A road test may be scheduled at this time. ... Read More »

Hawaii Graduated License Law

Permit License Age 15 Permit applications by minors must be signed by both parents or, when applicable, by the certified custodial parent, certified custodial guardian, or certified foster parents. (Only certified copies of court documents are acceptable.) The spouse (who is an adult) of a minor applicant may sign the license application with proof of age and certified copy of ... Read More »

Indiana Graduated License Law

Learner’s License Age 15 Limited learner permit issued, at the age of 15, for the sole purpose of allowing a student driver to enroll in a BMV-approved driver education course. provide proof of identity and date of birth; show proof of enrollment in a BMV-approved driver education program by surrendering the certificate of driver education provided by the school; be ... Read More »

Alabama Graduated License Law

Learner’s Permit First let’s get you a permit (Must be 15 years old) The examination for the license is taken from information in the Alabama Driver’s Manual. Upon passing the required examination, the applicant will be issued a Class D Alabama driver license with a “Y” restriction. The “Y” restriction indicates that the holder may operate a motor vehicle while ... Read More »

Michigan Graduated License Law

Level I – Learner’s License Age 14 & 8 months Segment 1 driver education certificate. Pass vision test. Parent/guardian signature. Restrictions: May operate a motor vehicle only when accompanied by a licensed parent or legal guardian or any licensed driver 21 years of age or older designated by the parent or legal guardian. If your teen is driving with a ... Read More »

Minnesota Graduated License Law

Phase I – Instruction Permit Qualifications: Must be at least 15 years of age. Must have completed 30 hours of classroom instruction and be enrolled in behind-the-wheel instruction. Must pass vision and written tests, complete application, and pay the required fee. Parent or legal guardian signature and certification required. Conditions: Permit holder may drive under the supervision of a certified ... Read More »

Mississippi Graduated License Law

Permit Age 15 Must provide proof of graduation, enrollment in public, private or home school, GED, or other acceptable proof. Parent/guardian signature required. Intermediate License Age 15 ½ Must have held Permit for minimum 6 months.Must provide proof of graduation, enrollment in public, private or home school, GED, or other acceptable proof. Parent/guardian signature required. Driver’s License Age 16 Must ... Read More »

Missouri Graduated License Law

Instruction Permit Age 15 Parent or legal guardian must accompany the teen to the license office to sign a permission statement. Pass the vision, road sign and written tests. Instruction Permit may only be used when accompanied by a parent, grandparent, or legal guardian* (If the permit holder is 16 years or older, the person occupying the seat beside the ... Read More »

Montana Graduated License Law

Instruction Permit Age 14 1/2 If you are enrolled in an approved driver education course, you may operate a motor vehicle during training while you are under the direct supervision of the driver education teacher. The instruction permit is only valid for the period you are enrolled in the course. Traffic Education Learner’s Permit Age 14 1/2 Issued at end ... Read More »