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Lemon Laws by State

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Tennessee Lemon Law

Tennessee Lemon Law Statutes Chapter 24, Motor Vehicle Warranties 55-24-201. Definitions. As used in this part, unless the context otherwise requires: “Consumer” means the purchaser (other than for purposes of resale) or the lessee of a motor vehicle, any person to whom such motor vehicle is transferred during the duration of an express warranty applicable to such motor vehicle, and ... Read More »

Texas Lemon Law

Texas Lemon Law Statutes TEXAS MOTOR VEHICLE COMMISSION CODE (ARTICLE 4413(36) VERNON’S TEXAS CIVIL STATUTES) (LEMON LAW STATUTES) General Warranty Complaints Section 3.08(i). Warranty Performance Obligations Section 6.07. Judicial Review – Appeal Section 7.01. General Warranty Complaints Section 3.08(i). The owner of a motor vehicle or the owner’s designated agent may make a complaint concerning defects in a motor vehicle ... Read More »

Utah Lemon Law

Utah Lemon Law Statutes Rule R152-20. New Motor Vehicle Warranties. R152-20-1. Authority and Purpose. These rules are promulgated to prescribe for the administration of Title 13, Chapter 20, the New Motor Vehicle Warranties Act (hereinafter the “Act”), and are under the authority granted the Division under Section 13-2-5. R152-20-2. Definitions. For purposes of determining whether a nonconformity has been subject ... Read More »

Vermont Lemon Law

Vermont Lemon Law Statutes Chapter 115, Sections 4170 – 4181 § 4170. LEGISLATIVE INTENT The legislature finds and declares that manufacturers, distributors and importers of new motor vehicles should be obligated to provide speedy and less costly resolution of automobile warranty problems. Manufacturers should be required to provide in as expeditious a manner as possible a refund of the consumer’s ... Read More »

Virginia Lemon Law

Virginia Lemon Law Statutes Title 59.1, Chapter 17.3, §59.1-207.9 – §59.1-207.16 § 59.1-207.9 This chapter may be cited as the Virginia Motor Vehicle Warranty Enforcement Act. § 59.1-207.10 The General Assembly recognizes that a motor vehicle is a major consumer purchase, and there is no doubt that a defective motor vehicle creates a hardship for the consumer. It is the ... Read More »

Washington Lemon Law

Washington Lemon Law Statutes Title 19 Chapter 118 RCW – MOTOR VEHICLE WARRANTIES RCW 19.118.005 Legislative intent The legislature recognizes that a new motor vehicle is a major consumer purchase and that a defective motor vehicle is likely to create hardship for, or may cause injury to, the consumer. The legislature further recognizes that good cooperation and communication between a ... Read More »

West Virginia Lemon Law

West Virginia Lemon Law Statutes Chapter 46a, § 6A 1-9 CHAPTER 46A, ARTICLE 6A CONSUMER PROTECTION–NEW MOTOR VEHICLE WARRANTIES §46A-6A-1. Legislative declarations The Legislature hereby finds and declares as a matter of public policy that the purpose of this article is to place upon the manufacturers of motor vehicles the duty to meet their obligations and responsibilities under the terms ... Read More »

Wisconsin Lemon Law

Wisconsin Lemon Law Statutes Chapter 218.015 218.015(1) (intro.) In this section: 218.015(1)(a) “Collateral costs” means expenses incurred by a consumer in connection with the repair of a nonconformity, including the costs of obtaining alternative transportation. 218.015(1)(b) (intro.) “Consumer” means any of the following: 218.015(1)(b)1. The purchaser of a new motor vehicle, if the motor vehicle was purchased from a motor ... Read More »

Wyoming Lemon Law

Wyoming Lemon Law Statutes Title 40, Chapter 17, §101 Chapter 17, 40-17-101. Definitions; express warranties; duty to make warranty repairs. As used in this section: “Consumer” means any person: Who purchases a motor vehicle, other than for purposes [purpose] of resale, to which an express warranty applies; or To whom a motor vehicle is transferred during the term of an ... Read More »

Pennsylvania Lemon Law

Pennsylvania Lemon Law Statutes Title 73 Chapter 28, Sections 1951-1963 § 1951. Short title. This act shall be known and may be cited as the Automobile Lemon Law. § 1952. Definitions The following words and phrases when used in this act shall have the meanings given to them in this section unless the context clearly indicates otherwise: “Dealer” or “motor ... Read More »