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Vermont Graduated License Law

Learner’s Permit

Age 15+


  • Clear driving record for previous 2 years.
  • Pass vision & knowledge tests.
  • Parent/guardian signature under 18.


Accompanied in front seat next to driver by:

  • Licensed & unimpaired parent/guardian.
  • Licensed or certified driver education instructor.
  • Licensed & unimpaired individual at least 25.

Junior Operator License

Age 16+


  • Hold Learner’s Permit minimum 1 year.
  • Complete minimum 40 hours supervised behind-the-wheel practice, including at least 10 hours at night.
  • Have maintained a clean driving record for the previous six months.
  • Parent/guardian signature under 18.
  • Pass driving test.


  • Passengers limited to number of safety belts.
  • May not transport passengers for hire.
  • 1st 3 months - Must drive alone unless supervised as if on Learner’s Permit.
  • 2nd 3 months - May transport family members in front seat.
  • 1st year (or age 18, if comes 1st) - May not operate vehicle in course of employment.

Operator’s Permit

Age 17+


Clear driving record during previous 6 month period.