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Class Action Lawsuits

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Court to Notify Californians – Who Bought, Owned or Leased 1991-2001 Model Year Ford Explorers – About Their Rights in a Class Action Lawsuit

A statewide notice program authorized by California's Sacramento County Superior Court began today, to issue notices to those who bought, owned or leased 1991-2001 model year Ford Explorers. The notices are a result of the Court establishing or "certifying," in February 2005, a class action lawsuit against Ford Motor Company, about whether Ford concealed a design flaw that increased rollover risk and lowered Explorer values. Read More »

Nationwide Class Action Filed on Behalf of Purchasers of Honda CR-V Sports Utility Vehicles Model Years 2003 and 2004 as a Result of Automotive Fires

Abbey Gardy, LLP, Puls Taylor & Woodson, and Harris Kessler & Goldstein, LLC have commenced a nationwide class action lawsuit in California Superior Court, in the County of Los Angeles, on behalf of a class of purchasers of American Honda Motor Corporation’s (“American Honda”) Sports Utility Vehicle, CR-Vs (the “CR-Vs”) model years 2003 and 2004 in connection with American Honda’s ... Read More »