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Hummer Introduces the H3T SUT Concept Truck

Hummer introduced the H3T Sport Utility Truck at the Greater Los Angeles Auto Show giving an idea of what the new baby Hummer may look like. "The H3T concept expresses a vision of the potential of future HUMMER vehicles, targeted at enthusiasts who desire the HUMMER image and capability, but in a smaller, non-SUV configuration," said Clay Dean, design director for small trucks and HUMMER. "It also provides a visual clue to the evolution of HUMMER's design."

Some of the innovative features in the H3T include a pickup box that incorporates side-access doors, along with drop-down assist steps that also double as weather- tight storage compartments. The H3T's unique tailgate forms an unbroken load surface when down, contributing to the H3T's versatility. There is a power-operated folding canvas sunroof and drop-down rear window that offer an open-air driving experience.

The H3T has the same capability of the H1 and H2 to dive into twisty rocky terrain that few other 4x4 vehicles can take on. Due to it's smaller size, it may be able to go on tighter trails that it's big sister could not fit on. Its wheels-at-the-corners stance, along with 34-inch-tall tires and 11.5 inches of ground clearance, gives the H3T a 51- degree approach angle and a 50-degree departure angle - critical measures on HUMMER's internal "off-road performance metric" of capabilities.

"This is a different size vehicle, but it's a HUMMER throughout," said Dean. "The cab configuration is personal and the smaller size makes the H3T more manageable and less intimidating to some drivers than larger vehicles. The smaller size also gives the H3T a more sporting and dynamic driving sensation."

The H3T is powered by a 350-horsepower, turbocharged version of GM's new Vortec 3500 inline five-cylinder engine mated to a heavy-duty Hydra-Matic 4L65-E electronically controlled four-speed transmission. The turbocharged five-cylinder produces more power than most six-cylinder engines, but is more compact. The engine also makes 350 lb.-ft. of torque.

This baby Hummer has seating for two in the cabin. The technical leather and Nike- designed, sphere seat fabric continue to support the athletic, performance theme of the H3T, as do the chamois, petrol and paprika orange interior colors.