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Brabus Makes Unique Vehicles

Want an exceptionally unusual vehicle? Want one that no else has? Then pick your favorite Mercedes-Benz, AMG or Chrysler product, take it to Brabus, along with your check book, and they will return to you a vehicle like no other.

For the average cost of $40,000 Brabus will put a new engine in your car or truck bringing the horsepower to well over 600. Brabus can install a variety of interior fabrics and seats, dash boards, knobs, buttons and anything else you can dream up to make your vehicle absolutely unique.

And for Brabus, technology is the name of the game. If electronic and performance gadgets are your passion then Brabus can work with you to install not only off-the- shelf accessories, but they will also manufacture some to your specifications.

Be aware though that a Brabus rework of your vehicle will cost a pretty penny. More than likely the job will cost as much as the original vehicle.