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Thales Navigation Wraps Up the Perfect All-In-One GPS Navigation Gifts for Motorists, Outdoorspeople, Off-Roaders, ATVers and Boaters

Thales Navigation announces the availability of two GPS navigation product combination packs for those who are serious about outdoor fun, whether off-roading, backpacking, climbing, mountain biking, or riding an ATV. The SporTrak(R) Map Outdoorsman GPS Value Pack and SporTrak Map ATV GPS Value Pack give enthusiasts everything they need in one convenient package to navigate with confidence, whether in challenging terrain, backwoods, or wide-open spaces. Read More »

Mr. Clean Launches Car Care Revolution At SEMA

Procter & Gamble introduces an easier and better way to care for a vehicle's finish with the Mr. Clean AutoDry(TM) Carwash system, a new technology designed specifically for automobiles that guarantees spot-free results with no hand drying. Read More »

MINI Launches MINI_Motion

MINI, the legendary small car brand, announces the launch of MINI_motion, a signature collection of apparel and accessories designed by industrial designer Yves Behar. Read More »

Satellite TV Is Now Coming To A Car Or Truck Near You

Just before school let out in June, as both my children were watching a DVD in the back seat with the headseats on, my 11-year-old took off her headset and asked me what I thought then as an "out-of-this-decade" question: "Mom, why can't we view cable networks on the cars that have televisions?" Read More »