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Parrot Launches Easydrive? Portable Bluetooth® Car Kit

Parrot Launches Easydrive? Portable Bluetooth® Car Kit

New Look and Better Sound for Plug & Drive Wireless Auto Accessory

NEW ORLEANS, LA - Consumers who want the convenience and safety benefits of Bluetooth in the car can now turn to Parrot1s new Easydrive for a wireless kit that plugs into any car1s cigarette lighter for hands-free phone function.

Parrot, known for developing the first-ever Bluetooth car kit as well as the first car kit requiring no installation, has taken its Plug & Drive solution to a new level. Gone is the microphone wire that you had to previously clip on. Instead, Easydrive1s enhanced-audio microphone is attractively displayed and attached to the unit1s speaker - providing close range convenience for the driver..

With each new model, Parrot takes further steps to enhance audio quality. Noise reduction and echo cancellation features allow you to hear and be heard clearly despite ambient sound and on busy roadways..

Even if your phone is stashed in your purse or tucked in your jacket on the back seat, with Bluetooth connectivity your voice commands will activate your phone1s SEND and RECEIVE functions. The phone book holds up to 200 numbers, and you can check voicemail without taking your hands off the steering wheel..

Easydrive, like all other Parrot car kits, is compatible with all Bluetooth phones regardless of carrier..

"With Easydrive, Parrot has responded to consumer demand to create a portable Bluetooth car kit that has improved audio quality, no dangling microphone wires, and yet remains affordable," said Christophe Dissaux, Executive Vice President of New York based Parrot, Inc..

Parrot1s Easydrive features include:

  • Compatibility with all Bluetooth-enabled phones regardless of carrier
  • Portability, no installation required, plugs into cigarette lighter
  • Automatic connection in Full Duplex mode
  • Voice recognition speed dialing; phonebook holds 200 numbers
  • Digital Signal Processor: Improved noise reduction, echo cancellation

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